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Overview of RMC Group

Overview of Our Apartments
Ravimurugaa Accommodations is moving towards being one of the leading players in the area of serviced apartments in coimbatore.
we have always belived in the virtues to transparency and fairness while dealing with our clients and this is one of the reasons that we are doing so well in this area of serviced apartments Oue rates have been worked out in such a way that it proves beneficial for both the parties.Our aim has . .
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Our Apartments Locations

Serviced Apartment Coimbatore Location
Coimbatore is known covai for its textile factories, engineering firms, automobile parts manafacturers,health care facilities,educational institutions,pleasant weather,hospitality and for its Kongu Tamil.
Coimbatore's name comes from the local Goddess here,Koniyamman.Kuuniyattamuthur,or "Kuniyamuttur" later metamorphosed to Koyamuttur which is anglicised as Coimbatore.In modern times the name sometimes abbreviated as CBE. ..